Arts and crafts

6 de mayo de 2021

Landscapes are part of our daily environment. If we stop for a moment in our busy routine, we can look at them and see that there are many wonderful and different ones.

With the 5-year-olds we are getting to know different types of landscapes and their parts: front, middle and back.

Arts & Crafts CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is a way of approaching foreign language instruction subtly through subject-oriented teaching.

This last week, we worked on an activity where we reflected a mountainous landscape where we could observe the sky with the mountains at the back, a house in the middle and a tree in front. They have done it with a very visual craft where they have been able to work directly on the content and with other manipulative skills such as drawing, punching, cutting, pasting, folding ...

Do you want to hear how do they explain it?

Sara G.

English teacher

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