English Week

28 de marzo de 2022

English teachers always talk to our students in this language, so they get used to hearing us inside and outside the classroom using this foreign language as another resource and not just for use in the classroom at a specific time. 

During these 5 days, we have intensified the moments of exposure to this language with different extra activities to celebrate English Week. 

This year we have themed the week in the jungle, turning our children's room into a wild space. All the students and the Infant team have participated to make it possible by offering the opportunity to work crafts individually and cooperatively, thus setting the maximum for our English Week. 

Second cycle students have participated in the vocabulary and storytelling contests, with which they have had a great time being able to express themselves in English. 

We also enjoyed the songs and stories explained and dramatized by IPA Productions, with whom we had a great time. 

Once again, the families joined us this week by coming to explain stories, songs, and activities in English. And because of that, we would like to thank you for your collaboration in helping us naturally integrate this foreign language into your children's routine. 

Sara G

English Teacher

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