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DIY Rocky frame 

Father's Day is almost here and we want to share an idea for a very simple and cute gift. It's a picture frame made with stones that the children can pick in the park. It’s really easy and inexpensive to make, and dad will love to put it on his desk. Here's what you need: […]

DIY: magnet puzzle

Children love playing with magnets. It's a very easy activity for do in the kitchen while you prepare a meal. That's why this DIY magnet puzzle activity is perfect for toddlers! What do you need? Materials: Magnets with different shapes White butcher paper Black marker Preparation: It's as simple as it looks. You have to […]

Juegos con palitos de madera

Los palitos de madera (como los que usan los médicos o los palos de polo de toda la vida) son un recurso muy útil que podéis tener siempre en casa y os servirá para muchas cosas. Es un material con el que podréis hacer muchas manualidades y juegos con vuestros peques. Hoy os dejamos un […]

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