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From AMPA ( the Association of Mothers and Parents of Students), families can collaborate with the school in the educational project of our children.

In accordance with our bylaws, the mission of AMPA is to:

  • Represent Viaró families in school management bodies.
  • Collaborate in the school’s educational activities and in the programming of complementary, extracurricular and service activities.
  • Promote the formation of parents in a cultural, spiritual and family environment.
  • Strengthen the school’s relationship with nearby institutions.
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Thanks to the contributions of families we can currently offer the following services:

  • Second-hand uniforms service.
  • Book purchase service.
  • Dinner for parents in the quarterly meetings.
  • Sports equipment for students.
  • Trophies in sports competitions.

Board of Directors

toni borell vilanova
Toni Borrell Vilanova

Alba Santaularia
Alba Santaularia Morros
Vice President

manuel miró echevarne
Manuel Miró Echevarne

antoni bononad compte
Antoni Bononad Compte


josep bonifacio barberan
Josep Bonifacio Barberan

Cristina Salvador
Cristina Salvador Vélez

cuca montoliu tarragona
Cuca Montoliu Tarragona

Lajos Darvas
Lajos Darvas Coll

maría recasens guinot
María Recasens Guinot

astrid samsó llopart
Astrid Samsó Llopart

beatriz serralta huerta
Beatriz Serralta Huerta

sonsoles vila barroso
Sonsoles Vila Barroso


We are at your disposal to answer any request or inquiry via e-mail: ampa@viaro.org

Become an AMPA member!
For only € 30 / year per family, you can become a member of the AMPA and thus contribute to all the events that are organized during the year.