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Mission, Vision and Values

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To help parents in the education of their children, striving to yield the best out of each and every one

so that they can contribute freely to building a better society for all.


Entendemos la educación de forma global y desde una perspectiva cristiana.

Educating the entire individual

in a singular and personalized way, building character and strengthening all of their dimensions: the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. Teaching them to live with everyone and to care for the most disadvantaged.

Promoting all their abilities and competences

creating developmental opportunities in all areas: the humanistic, scientific, artistic, cultural, social and sporting; in an environment that favors and supports entrepreneurship and personal initiative.

vision promoting

Promoting the school’s international influence and prestige

to facilitate contact with other cultures through exchanges, collaborations, solidarity projects and research with schools from around the world.

From our Christian identity

which inspires all school activity and gives full meaning to this vision of education and the individual. Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church whose mission is to spread the universal call to holiness through ordinary life, assumes the responsibility for the project’s Christian spirit. The school offers classes on catholic religion to all students who wish it, at all levels of education.


A School of Families

Viaró is a school of families, hence the active participation of parents in school life. Why? Because generating spaces of coexistence and fostering a family atmosphere is vital to achieving a well-rounded education.

Leadership based on Service

True leadership is based on service to, and care for, each and every person, without exception. Therefore, we try to encourage initiative and personal responsibility among our students, always in a free and open environment.

Helping Always Without Limits

This concept, developed by students themselves, inspires and instills a way of working and relating with everyone, developing professional excellence, availability and proactivity.

Community Service

We believe that a positive and proactive way of improving society is by helping the people closest to us. For this reason, we carry out solidarity initiatives inside and outside the school that foster among our students the desire to serve those in need, and an understanding of its importance.


Rooted in one of the oldest school traditions, the Teams (Fúries, Dofí, Falcó, Huracà, Cicló, Jaguar) encourage collaboration, learning and teamwork among students of all ages.

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Sustainable Education

Understanding and caring for our environment is a vital part of becoming aware and we develop initiatives that promote sustainability. Viaró is located in an environment of nature that facilitates observation and experimentation in this field.

You can see our child protection protocols by clicking here.