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Welcome to Intantil Viaró Global School. We have created this page so that you can get to know our spaces and our project a little better. We also encourage you to come and see us in person. We have the doors open for you!

What classroom do you want to see?

What classroom do you want to see?

Our Project


Working in English from P0 will allow our kids to develop better skills in critical thinking, problem solving and greater mental flexibility. More open children in a global world.


The psychomotor classroom is a transversal space where children from 0 to 6 develop their movement, become aware of their own body and discover emotional language.

Dinning room

Having our own kitchen and the support of a nutritionist allows us to offer healthy and balanced diets.

Happy Children

A curriculum rich in opportunities that allows to personalize education in the uniqueness of each child. Promote personal autonomy and be open to others!

Brave Children

Firm foundation in reading and writing and mathematical language, exercising in multiple languages, error as opportunity, logical, creative and critical reasoning, as well as a climate of confidence and improvement. Learn to learn by spreading a positive, realistic and courageous attitude towards life!

Open Children

Trilingualism, educating in dialogue and listening, teaching how to look at and feel diversity with respect, use of technologies as tools for learning and communication with people from all over the world.

Responsible Children

Educate in the responsibility of our world and service to others. Connect what is taught to their lives, interests and needs. Work as a team to achieve higher learning goals!

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