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Music (EMV)

In Viaró, music has always been an essential element in a student’s formation. The creative, social and integrating dimensions of Music open up and allow for the further development of a student’s artistic and humanistic capacities. You can ask for information and enrollment at emv@viaro.org 

Attitudes and skills on which the Music Department focuses are:

  • Sensibility for art.
  • Value of effort.
  • Creative development.
  • Fomentation of consistency.
  • Responsibility and enjoyment of teamwork.
  • Autonomy and empowerment.
  • Generosity and the joy of sharing.

Main musical activities:

Musica Primaria

The Viaró Music School (EMV)

In collaboration with the Fundació Conservatori Liceu, Viaró created the program “Musical Primaria”, through which students can study musical language and learn to play instruments, as well as providing examination across the conservatory’s various levels, always within school hours. The success of this project has led to its implementation in a good number of schools throughout Catalonia.

Musica Bachillerato

Official and regulated musical training

For more than seven years, we have trained students from 1st grade to 2nd year of Bachillerato in various disciplines such as musical language, choral singing, chamber music, piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, violin and cello.

At present, we have 120 students benefiting from official and regulated training. Many of these students perform together with students from other schools in concert, managed and organized by the Fundació Conservatori Liceu de Barcelona, and held at the Palau de la Música Catalana

Music in all educational stages

From Primary, all courses receive continuous musical training by specialist teachers, following the Conservatory’s programming and guidelines.

Orchestral groupings

Our two orchestral groups, the Instrumental Chamber Ensemble and the Guitar Orchestra, participate throughout the academic year in numerous performances (concerts of the EMV, Concert of Santa Cecilia, auditions in Viaró infantil, liturgical acts, etc.).


We have three choirs that rehearse on a regular basis: the Primary Choir, the ESO Choir (Almond tree) and the Bachillerato Choir. Its repertoire, a mixture of classical and modern, is usually present in school-specific events and other social initiatives and activities.