In Viaró, our Early Childhood education system welcomes children from P0 to P5. The first three courses, P0, P1 and P2, are equivalent to the Nursery stage, where the youngest ones adapt to the school environment through sensory stimulation and the discovery of work spaces. In this way, continuity is developed and improved during the Second Cycle of Early Childhood Education, which includes the courses of P3, P4 and P5, all of them arranged by the Department of Education.

Highly aware that the family is the backbone of children’s education, we support this initial educational period by offering training courses, encouraging participation in school life and ensuring that studies of both development and learning are fully personalized.

A space in which to grow and develop globally.

During this first stage, we accompany the education of children with personalized attention; developing all of their potential and promoting the autonomy and self-esteem necessary for optimal development.

infantil regando

We offer an environment surrounded by nature as well as equipment specially adapted to the individual needs of each child: functional classrooms adapted according to age, playgrounds that favor psychomotor development, classrooms blessed with/endowed with/ fully fitted with technology, space and significant learning projects. All of the above is piloted by a highly qualified and highly experienced teaching staff that is constantly undertaking further training.

Daily contact with parents means smooth communication between family and school, thus allowing us to recognise and develop the best of each and every student.

The flexible timetable during the periods of arrival and departure during school hours are designed so that families can better reconcile work and family life. We also have the Daycare Ticket available if required.

The educational aims that we propose are as follows:

  1. Happy children in a better world
    We accompany our students and their families along their path of growth so that they can acquire full autonomy, teaching them to be able to live with everyone in today’s diverse world, and not only live, but thrive.
  2. Valiant boys in a changing world.
    Along with basic literacy and math skills, we strive to develop creative thinking and emotional competencies, allowing our students to successfully adapt to any challenges the future may pose.
  3. Open children in a global world
    Technological knowledge, critical thinking and the mastery of languages ​​-especially English- are fundamental to interact and succeed in a global world. These fundamental pillars are present in all the activities we propose.
  4. Responsible children in a sustainable world
    Our proposal, based on strategies that implement projects and cooperative work seeks to promote leadership through service, within nature, and within a natural surrounding that promotes care for the environment.
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