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Service to the Community

Commitment to those nearest

Committed to our mission of working together for the construction of a better society, we organize several food collection campaigns every year. The items that are received are delivered to the Asociación Acción Social Montalegre de Barcelona and to Cáritas Sant Cugat, which are responsible for distributing them to families in need in these municipalities.

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sant joan de déu

solaridad global

Global solidarity

Every Christmas we also organize a campaign to help fund educational and assistance projects (medical centers, improvement of schools, financing of scholarships and operations, etc.) in disadvantaged regions of Africa and Central America.

recogida de fondos

Direct contact with people in need

These food and funding campaigns provide their recipients with all-important aid, and contribute to create a more just and humane society for all. Even so, we consider them to be insufficient for achieving our character formation objectives in terms of solidarity and social responsibility. Therefore, in addition to the awareness sessions we programmed throughout the course, we try to ensure that all Viaró students have real and direct contact with people in need.

Currently, and from Secondary onwards, our students perform the following solidarity activities in small groups:

  1. The provision of care and company for elderly in the AMMA Residence in Sant Cugat.
  2. Serving food in the dining rooms of the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) of Barcelona.
  3. Providing care and attention to sick children at the Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital in Barcelona.
  4. Sports activities with disabled people.
  5. A Solidarity end-of-course trip abroad (for students who wish to take part, after finishing 2nd of Bachillerato.