Christmas Campaign 2020

This year, the traditional Christmas solidarity campaign that we do at school has a special tone: the pandemic has aggravated the needs of more families. This has led, among other things, to food shortages in more population groups around the world.

As always, it is about providing help to people who need it, while we try to educate our eyes so that any need of others is a call to our responsibility.

Therefore, this year, we encourage you to collaborate in two ways: collecting food for families in Sant Cugat and Barcelona, ​​and collaborating with the Food Program to feed children from the Kangemi school in Kenya for a year.

By clicking on each button you can find all the information and how to help.

The campaign will last from December 9th to 17th, thank you for your collaboration!

Food Collection

Every year we do various solidarity campaigns at the school, some of which are to help people who live in the same municipalities where we are from.

The food collected in this campaign will go to the warehouse managed by Caritas in Sant Cugat del Vallés and to needy families in the Raval neighborhood, served by Acció Social Montalegre, in Barcelona. As we usually do, we have distributed the different requests of these entities by courses.

Food Programme Kangemi

Kangemi is one of the poorest suburbs in the Kenyan capital. The school we want to collaborate with –which bears the same name as the neighborhood where it is located– has 2,400 students. Apart from other difficulties, one of the most serious problems encountered is that the vast majority of students do not eat enough at home and families cannot afford the cost of food at school either. Logically, this makes it very difficult for them to make good use of their working hours at school.

Given this fact, the Food Program has been launched, in which we want to collaborate. It consists of ensuring that the maximum possible number of students can have at least one good meal a day: the one they eat at school.