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Food programme Christmas 2020

Food Programme

Kangemi Primary School

Kangemi is one of the poorest suburbs in the Kenyan capital. The school we want to collaborate with –which bears the same name as the neighborhood where it is located– has 2,400 students. Apart from other difficulties, one of the most serious problems encountered is that the vast majority of students do not eat enough at home and families cannot afford the cost of food at school either. Logically, this makes it very difficult for them to make good use of their working hours at school.

Given this fact, the Food Program has been launched, in which we want to collaborate. It consists of ensuring that the maximum possible number of students can have at least one good meal a day: the one they eat at school. The cost is € 40 per year per student, that is:

with € 40 a child will eat well for a whole year

Undoubtedly, the impact of the aid will be important in the education that the children of the Kangemi neighborhood can receive.

How to donate

We think that this course is better not to collect cash donations, as we have done until now. We understand that a system for making online donations can slightly blur one of the objectives of the campaign, which is awareness. Logically, the fact that the students personally brought the money to school helped to understand that we are giving something, especially to the little ones. That is why we advise you to talk about the campaign with your children and make a gesture that helps them to notice that to help you need to give yourself.