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Educational Project

Global Education

Our Global Education project aims to collaborate with families in the personal and academic development of their children. It includes the stages of Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato, and with an inclusive mentality, is open to all.

Character formation

Promoting values ​​such as sincerity, industriousness, autonomy, joy, generosity, resilience, temperance … We educate students so that they can become upright individuals with solid ethical foundations, because we want them to know how to live together in society and contribute actively and effectively to the common good.

Personal project

With the help of an individual tutor -who meets biweekly with each student and quarterly with student and parents-, students, on a daily basis, strive to concretize and enact the virtues proposed in our educational project. The tutor is also available to answer any possible questions that students and parents may wish to ask.

Leadership based on Service

Viaró promotes coexistence, equality, respect, and the value of hard effort and a job well done, always with a mind to serving others and contributing to a better society for all. To act and move this way in the world we must first seek collaboration and experience from our immediate surroundings.

Full and Dynamic Curriculum

Viaró’s educational project enriches the ordinary curriculum with cultural, scientific, sporting and artistic activities that allow for a student’s true global development. To this end, subjects such as robotics, conservatory music studies, oral expression, chess, reading, theater, etc., also form part of the usual class schedule.

The plurilingual approach aims to make students proficient in the use of Catalan, Spanish and English. They will take courses in all three languages ​​and will also have the possibility of studying French and German.

Emotional education and cooperative and project work strategies are central pillars of our educational project. The creative and innovative culture that we want to inspire in students leads us to constantly review our curriculum and the daily improvement of our teaching work.

Differentiated Education

Since Viaró’s founding we have opted for differentiated education from Primary onwards, always in line with the demands of our families. This methodology, backed by international experience, allows us to adapt more to the needs of our students at each stage of their physical,
intellectual and emotional development, thus enhancing all of their abilities and capacities

Viaró is committed to building a society in which equal opportunities for all people are a reality. Through our “Equality Plan” we assume the responsibility of carrying out an educational project in accordance with the key principle of coeducation, which promotes effective equality between men and women, and achieving a truly inclusive school.