Psychopedagogical service

Psychopedagogical Intervention

In Viaró we have a permanent team of specialists who advise and train other teachers in the care of diverse educational needs. We also offer families the possibility to carry out individualized reinforcement sessions continuously, during school hours, with those students who need it.

dining room

Dining room

We offer our students a daily menu that is varied and high quality. Our own kitchen has everything necessary to prepare and serve food in optimal conditions. We also attend to the needs of special food regimens – sporadic or permanent – as well as any intolerance or food allergy our students may suffer from.

The use of a resistant and reusable tableware and cutlery, together with modern washing machinery, allow us to offer good service with a family feel while at the same time, being more respectful with the environment.

Medical service

All school buildings are equipped with what is necessary to attend to minor injuries, and our staff also have the necessary training to intervene. Our insurance has an agreement with medical centers and hospitals in Sant Cugat and Barcelona to tend to our students in case of an accident.

In order to administer medication to a student at school, a written authorization from parents is required.


Viaró is well connected and it only takes 15 minutes to get there by car from Barcelona through the Vallvidrera Tunnels. We have two parking areas that allow for the drop off and pick up of students with comfort and safety.

It is also possible to arrive by public transport (bus and train) and by the school bus service.

Check out all the transport information and details in this link.