Global Arts

In Viaró we have always encouraged and supported our students’ artistic education. From the stage of Early Childhood Education we work on stimulating their sensitivity, both aesthetic and musical, so that they can truly develop their full artistic and expressive potential. We value art so highly because as a school we possess and act with a global understanding of education, and are convinced that the encouragement and development of these capacities contribute positively and profoundly to an individual’s own personal development.

global arts actividades

The daily activity of the school offers many opportunities to promote our students’ artistic side. Composing, writing, visual and plastic education, music (choral, musical and instrumental language), diverse cultural activities, etc.

Art is always the protagonist at Viaró. Theater contests in primary, poetry in Secondary and Bachillerato, the Christmas musical (acted, written and directed by teachers and students), the Painting Contest, live concerts … Students’ families can also participate in artistic activities such as the Nit de les Lletres, the Artistic Nit, the Family Art Day, as well as being invited to concerts and contests.