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History of Viaró

The developer group Viaró is constituted


Three married couples, and mutual friends, Guillermo Bañares and María Rosa Parera, Rafael Pich-Aguilera and Carmina Roca, and Lorenzo Dionis and María Antonia Raurell, encouraged by the preaching of St. Josemaría Escrivá, take the initiative to create a school with the intention of providing their children with a global formation and education, and they become the founding group of Viaró.

A part of the Volpelleres estate is acquired


After 3 years of work, a piece of the Volpelleres estate is acquired to build the new school, whose spiritual attention is entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei.

First students


On Saturday, October 5, the first five promotions -139 students- begin their classes at the school, in the pavilion built next to Viejo Almendro. Ezequiel Cabaleiro is the first director, José Antonio Sabater the head of studies, Paco Benito the secretary and D. José María Pujol the chaplain.

The station of Sant Joan is built


On the school’s initiative the wooden platform (which will later become the Sant Joan de FGC station) is constructed so that students can travel to school by train. The afternoon studies section begins (SET) with 40 students attending.

First Pilgrimage to Montserrat


The first Pilgrimage is made walking to Montserrat for students who finish their studies. It is the beginning of a tradition that still runs strong today. The first class is graduated: Adam

The first promotion of the SET graduates


On November 21, St. Josemaría holds a gathering of parents and teachers in the school library. The first promotion of SET graduate.

25th anniversary of Viaró


It is celebrated with a Mass in the new, recently completed oratory. The Viaró parents' association (AMPA) is born. Xavier Cabanach, Lisardo Casado and José Rodríguez, having taught since the very beginning of the school, are the first to receive the ceremonial medal honoring their 25 years of teaching in Viaró. The international conference is celebrated with the title “School Success”.

Gathering at Viaró with D. Álvaro del Portillo


Gathering in Viaró with D. Álvaro del Portillo, prelate of Opus Dei. More than 10,000 people attend. The project of quarterly residences in Ireland is started.

Hymn for the school


A hymn is composed for the school that is heard for the first time at the Fiesta Esportiva, the Viaró promotion (graduating class) parades waving the Team flags. From then on, the names of the promotions will be repeated, also including the end the number of times it has been repeated. The next graduating class will be Adam II.

Beatification of St. Josemaría Escrivá


Trip to Rome with students to attend the beatification of San Josmaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei. The first Primary Theater Competition is celebrated.

Christmas Musical


The tradition of the Christmas party begins as a musical is mounted in which the whole school participates, a tradition that still grows stronger each year.

Viaró Infantil


Viaró Infantil opens in a section of the Hexágonos building.

The last promotion of the SET graduates


The last promotion of SET graduates, number XXVII due to a change in educational legislation. The school begins its first food collection campaign for disadvantaged families in the Raval district of Barcelona. Since then, 3 campaigns are organized every year. The Generalitat grants Viaró the Concierto Educativo.

Viaró Alumni is born


The “Viaró Alumni” association is born and publishes its first newsletter.

Canonization of St. Josemaría


Eucharistic Procession in Viaró on the centenary of the birth of St. Josemaría. Trip to Rome with students to attend his canonization.

Gathering at Viaró with Mons. Javier Echevarría


Gathering in Viaró with Bishop Javier Echevarría, Bishop Prelate of the Opus Dei.

Viaró joins EASSE


Viaró joins the European Association of Single Sex Education (EASSE).

Agreement with the Conservatory of Music of the Liceu


The agreement is signed with the Conservatory of Music of the Liceo, through which Viaró students can take part in official musical studies at school.

Incorporation to IBSC


Viaró joins the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC)

50th anniversary of Viaró


Viaró’s 50th anniversary. The celebrations begin on October 5 with a Mass in the oratory of the College and then an academic event is held, chaired by the Regional Minister of Education of the Generalitat and the mayor of Sant Cugat.

European Congress of the IBSC


The IBSC’s European Congress on “Family-School relationship” is held at Viaró. Viaró becomes part of the governing body (board) of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC).