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If walls could speak, they would tell many things.

Spaces play a very important role in our lives and, therefore, we value and take care of them: we keep them tidy, clean, well decorated: always at the ready.

If there is a place where these spaces become more important, it is in a school. Students spend a third of their childhood and adolescence life in a school, so they need to be able to develop and learn in a favorable and enriching environment.

A pavilion for each stage

At Viaró Global School, we have different buildings, in which there are classrooms, offices and learning spaces for each stage.

  • Infantil Hexagons building: It is the space for students from 0 to 6 years old, with specialized classrooms adapted to each age.

More information about Nursery School facilites of Viaró Infantil by clicking here.

  • Primary Hexagons building: The building for the first three grades of Primary, with classrooms and common spaces, such as the reading space.
  • Primary Pines building: The building for the last three years of Primary, with more specialized classrooms (music, STEAM, reading …).
  • Almond tree building Secondary: The oldest building in the Campus – recently renovated. Here the arts and robotics are especially promoted, with spaces dedicated to them.
  • Baccalaureate Shield building: In this building the students of the two Baccalaureate courses coexist, in a study environment oriented to specialization and practical learning: with STEAM science laboratories and classrooms for the promotion of audiovisual culture.
  • Physical Education Pavilion: Offices, changing rooms and the necessary material to carry out physical activity, surrounded by extensive sports facilities.
  • Central pavilion: With interview rooms, meeting spaces and different services: library, reprography, boardroom… etc.

Spaces to serve

The different school services that we offer are developed in spaces designed for them. In addition to the stage pavilions, we have these service spaces:

  • Concert hall
  • Own kitchen and 2 dining rooms
  • Oratory
  • Conference room

Sport facilities

One of the most important activities for us is physical education. Aware of the importance of having adequate sports facilities, we have different spaces for curricular and extracurricular sports:

  • 3 soccer fields of artificial grass
  • 1 outdoor soccer field 5
  • 1 sports pavillion
  • 1 running track
  • 2 basketball courts
  • 1 volleyball court

Would you like to see the facilities live? Ask for a personalized interview by clicking here.