¡Cumplimos 57 años!

We are turning 57!

Today is a great day fot the school. We are turning 57 years old!

On October 5, 1963 Viaró began its activities. Little more than a hundred students were arriving at Viaró, by the entrance of Roquetes; Alcalde Barnils did not exist. The small group of teachers, led by the Principal —Mr. Ezequiel Cabaleiro— and the Chaplain— Dr. Josep Mª Pujol, who was the one who compiled everything that happened the first days and years of Viaró— were waiting for them in the entrance with impatience and some nervousness.

Dr. Pujol’s testimony relates that the first activity of the school was a brief talk directed by him in the Almond tree pavilion. The team of directors and teachers wanted to offer, from the first moment, to God and the Virgin Mary, everything that from that date on was going to be done in Viaró. Then, Mr. Cabaleiro inaugurated the School with a speech welcoming the pioneers. As an anecdotal fact, that day they ate Spanish omelette: the first meal of Viaró!

In this week of October, three important events for the School are remembered: day 2 (foundation of the Work), day 5 (inauguration of Viaró) and day 6 (anniversary of the canonization of Saint Josemaría).

We have planned to take advantage of these days to tell the students about these dates and teach them that the sanctification of work – for them, study – is the essential message that we want to convey in Viaró.

Congratulations, Viaró!

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