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Set Up! Primary | Session on robotics 23-24

Set Up! PRIMARY, our English project for 5th Primary students, comes on stage on Fridays. We launched a new cycle of conferences with the participation of family and friends. Everyone is welcome!

Today Mr. Jaume Clotet, father of the school and Managing Partner of Infini – a company dedicated to develop digital technology projects -, explained to us “How to train a robot”.

We live surrounded by robots that cook, clean, perform operations in hospitals, etc. He has shown us how the Mekos robot learns from him. The 5th grade students listened attentively and asked very interesting questions.

Some very special guests also attended the session: the Helade Viaró team and their coach Anna Flores. Recently, they participated in the Lego League Challenge competition and won the 2nd Prize for Best Innovation Project. This conference will be the team’s starting point for a new challenge.

Photos | Set Up! Primary Session on robotics 23-24

Session on robotics 23-24