The ADÁN Excellence Scholarship 2020 is awarded

This year, the initiative has raised more than € 12,000, donated by 19 different promotions.

They will be used to help financially high school students for their brilliant academic record and for reflecting the values ​​of Viaró Global School.

Once again, our alumni reflect the values ​​that their families sought so much to educate them on. The ADÁN Excellence Scholarship, promoted for 3 years by the ADÁN promotion (the first to finish their studies at Viaró Global School), is an example of Community Service.

Beca Adan 2020

What is Beca ADÁN?

The initiative consists of raising funds, through voluntary donations, to help financially the families of young people who want to study Baccalaureate at Viaró Global School. In addition, they must show a brilliant academic record and reflect the values ​​of our School.

This year, the total amount raised has risen to € 12,599, so the ADÁN Excellence Scholarship Commission, made up of alumni from the ADÁN and ADÁN II promotions, decided to award three Scholarships and two additional diplomas.

With this award ceremony, we also inaugurate the 2021-22 campaign. You can now make your donation through the ADÁN Excellence Scholarship website.