Summer Camp 2023

Week 1 Summer Camp 2023

As you may know, Summer Camp 2023 started this week! It has been a very exciting first week! Our little Romans have had a great time in Viarotus with their companions and led by Julius Caesar. We have done a variety of activities, including riding bikes, playing sports, cooling off in the pool, getting a head start on summer homework, reading, camping overnight, and most importantly, winning Caesar’s trust.

Although summer has arrived, the community at Viaro does not stop working on the formation of our students. Summer Camp is no exception, and we have already begun working on objectives to help our students grow and excel.

Next week we must be prepared for more fun and more challenges. Brutus is coming to Viarotus… Are you prepared?

summer camp 2023

Week 2 Summer Camp 2023

We move forward with the second week of Summer Camp 2023. What an incredible Summer Camp we are experiencing at Viaro.
Our Romans continue to advance in their fearless mission to defend the empire of Viarotus. This week marked the beginning of the invasion by the evil Brutus, an enemy of the empire.

Once again, we have been able to enjoy good weather, moments of pool, academic tasks, sports, the amazing camping trip, and in addition, we had a special Thursday event: inflatables and go-karts! It has been absolutely amazing!

The educational objective that we have emphasized this week is devotion to Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Let us not forget that besides having a great time, we want to become better individuals.

Are you ready for the adventure of the third week? Recharge your batteries and get ready because Caesar needs us…

Week 3 Summer Camp 2023

End of the 3rd week of the Summer Camp! What an exciting week and so many things have happened!
Our little Romans have managed to defeat the evil Brutus! After a confrontation that shook our brave Romans, they won in the final challenge and managed to defeat Brutus. It was a well-deserved victory altogether.

Furthermore, this week we have been able to continue enjoying moments at the pool, sports, homework, workshops, outdoor games, and much more.

The educational goal we have worked on throughout the week has been teamwork. At Viaró, we strive to learn to be a little better when it comes to working as a team and taking care of each other.
See you next week with the celebration of this great victory achieved by our Romans.

Ave Viarotus!

Week 4 Summer Camp 2023

End of Summer Camp 2023! What a fantastic week and what a great Summer Camp we’ve experienced this summer in Viaró.
Finally, we were able to celebrate the victory of the empire alongside Caesar, and we also witnessed the reconciliation of Brutus with Caesar.
As usual, we enjoyed long hours of swimming, sports, study sessions, workshops, biking, and much more.
The main theme we worked on this week was leisure time. We believe that leisure time is wonderful, but it’s important to know how to make the most of it and live well, and that’s what we tried to convey to the students in their daily activities.

Thank you for these unforgettable weeks!

Ave Viarotus!