Sports Camp

Sports Camp

sports camp

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The Sports Camp (for football or basketball) was born with the purpose of offering a space for your child to improve coordination and the technical and tactical aspects of the sport he chooses. 

During the morning, they will have specific training sessions and competitions, as well as enjoying an hour of pádel, time at the pool and some sports games. 

Our activities emphasize personal growth and the instilment of values of each participant. For the technical and tactical sessions, the camp has a qualified training staff, who will help the students better understand every aspect of the game situations.

Viaró’s facilities are the ideal setting for your child to continue learning through sports in the summer.


The Sports Camp will start at 9:15am and finish at 2:30pm, after lunch. Students are asked to be punctual. 


The Sports Summer Camp takes place at the Viaró sports facilities. Every morning, prior to sports training, students must go to the locker room building. 


Every day students will play a padel tennis championship in our own facilities. If you do not have a racket, the school will provide you with one


Each participant will be given 2 training jerseys.  Additionally, they will need:  

  • Shorts
  • Football boots / sports shoes
  • Towel, swimsuit and flip flops
  • sun block and soap
  • Breakfast and bottle of water
  • Padel racket (optional)


 All students must access the school through its main entrance on Av. Alcalde Barnils (next to CAR).

If you arrive by car. You can park in the school parkinglot.


Lunch is at 2:00 p.m. in the school dining room. Please inform us should your child have any special dietary needs. We will inform you of the weekly lunch menus in a bulletin that we will give out on the first day of each week.

Complementary activities

Each week with the collaboration of guest speakers, theoretical and training sessions will be given to the participants.


Boost player skills

Small group training

High-tech base

Daily competition

Game understanding

Tactical intelligence

Weekly schedule

sports camp

International students

Spanish Immersion Experince 

Highly recommended for all students coming from abroad, the Spanish Immersion Experience is a program built for non-Spanish speakers who wish to advance their knowledge of the language. The Immersion Experience combines 13 hours of classroom instruction with 7 hours of projects and cultural outings 

Foreign students can request specific information about prices and registration by e-mail to:

Prices and registration

You will find all the information about prices and registration on the main page of summer activities.