Christmas Festival 2019

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Family Kahoot Game Over

Aftermovie Game Over

We know it’s impossible to tell the story of Game Over in just 5 minutes… but we have tried to! Here you have the aftermovie of Game Over:

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Video of Game Over (2nd Turn)

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Video of Game Over (1st Turn)

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Script of Game Over

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Songs of Game Over

Here you can listen to the songs of the Game Over musical. To download all of them at the same time, click on the image.



First turn – 10.30 AM

PRIMARYClasses A & C
ESO1st A2nd C3rd B3rd C4th A4th C

Second turn – 12.15 PM

PRIMARYClasses B & D
ESO  1st B1st C2nd A2nd B3rd A4th B


They left… Will they come back?

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Teachers and students give voice to the musical’s characters.


With excitement, nerves and enthusiasm, more than 80 students from 1st ESO to 2nd Baccalaureate participated in the casting of this year’s Christmas Festival musical..

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