First Lego League 2022

On Saturday, January the 22nd, the 9th edition of the Micro First Lego League was held at the Almendro’s Auditorium in Viaró. Find below some pictures of the event and the names of the winners, who will go further in the competition.

This robotics competition evaluates robot development through game missions, an innovative project based on transport and values acquired during working weeks.

The teams that reached the next phase of the competition will participate at different campus in the local round. The members of the winner teams are

HEXAVIARO (4º ESO) third position

Javier Encío, Jaime Domènech, Enric Almar, Tomás Borrell, Miguel Canela, Ignacio Pujol and Lucas Sala

FORMERVIARO (3º ESO) second position

Javier Lefort, Carlos Gil, Lajos Darvas, Baltasar Parera, Nicolás Almar, Daniel Luján, Alex Sobrevías and Joan Homs

EPSILONVIARO (4º ESO) first position

Tomás Postigo, Miguel Guarner, Yago Mir, Álvaro Gimeno, Marc Pich-Aguilera, Luis Rognoni y Carlos Palazón


The jury that evaluated the work of the teams was made up of Luis Biel (software engineer; Travelperk), Pablo Torrellas (business management; Amazon) and Álvaro Guarner (industrial engineer; Deloitte).