Country Camp – Mystery Farm

Second Week

Throughout these days we have gone from mystery to mystery and we’ve also had some occasional adventures. Peter decided to go on an excursion, he digged a tunnel that allowed him to go and say “Hi!” to the chickens. And from there we went to greet our Summer Camp detectives. It’s obvious he has social skills!

This has made us think: Why did Peter decide to leave Robin? We have done some research and we have thought about some tricks to keep them distracted. We have put some cardboard tubes with hay, pine cones, branches from fruit trees… and they have quickly started to nibble on them and to make them roll. We love watching them play!

Robin, our other rabbit, never stops surprising us! This time he has left us in the entrance a chest with a treasure that is covered with water.

Do you know the way to reach the treasure? He explained it can only be done with our Viaró Infantil children’s good deeds. For each good deed the child will have to empty a glass of water from the chest. The more good deeds, the more the water in the chest will decrease until it’s completely empty and the treasure can be reached. So we are going to work as a team, helping each other!

First Week

The first week of the Mistery Country Farm has been exciting. We have learned which is the correct way to hold rabbits, how to take care of them and how we can play with them respectfully. Peter and Robin are a lot of fun. We observed them, and analysed their behaviour.  Do you know why they get on two legs?

This year Nina has returned, our beloved pony. What a joy to see her again and tell her all about our year! Monica has shown us how to comb her and prepare her for riding and we have been able to take a wonderful walk with Nina. The little ones didn´t want to get off her! And the best part is that Nina will be with us though out all the campus.

The carrots that we had saved for Peter and Robin have disappeared, and in their place, we found sweets and notes with clues, we can hardly sleep thinking about who could be taking them. And today he has left us a treasure map! At the end of the campus we will have become real detectives. Like grown ups!

Today we have collected the first egg that the hens have laid is not a chocolate one, we say so because surprisingly our chickens, Kika and Rica, lay chocolate eggs. We will have to solve this mystery…

Do you want to know a secret? Every day we go to our incubator to see how the fertilized eggs of the hens are developing. We are learning the life cycle of the animals on our farm. We are looking forward to seeing our chicks being born!

Can’t forget the ducks, Johnny and Coni, they really enjoy it when we shower them and it´s not surprising, because we also love the water games that are being prepared.

See you soon I have to go and help water the garden!