Country Camp

Country Camp 3: Mystery Farm

Third Week

We are delighted to continue enjoying so many experiences that we will remember throughout the year, what a pity that the days go by so quickly.

This week we have had to call the famous detective Sheff and his assistant Scott, there are certain things that are better handled by professionals. They sent us a photograph of the rabbit. It turns out that during the day … he spies on us. He observes how we behave and at night he escapes to go and get gifts for the children who have done good deeds. We don’t know if it is Peter or Robin because they are so alike that they play with us using confusion.

The evolution of our chicks in the incubator is a thing that excites us very much, let’s give them encouragement and make sure they are well taken cared of. And best of all, we’ve found out how to do an “ultrasound.” If you observe closely, in the photos that we leave you below you will see how we do it. That and many more other things. That’s it for today, I won’t tell you more, I have to go, Nina wants a carrot, and she is calling me. See you soon!