David Armstrong and Amy Ahart (IBSC) visit Viaró

  • The executive director and the chief operating officer of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition tracked closely the progresses at the organisation of the IBSC Annual Conference of 2020 at Viaró.
  • They did a tour around the facilites of Viaró and Barcelona’s some places related with the event

On Thursday September 19 we welcomed David Armstrong and Amy Ahart to Viaró. After a tour through the school’s facilities, they had a meeting with the permanent committee of the IBSC Annual Conference of 2020, which will take place from July 8 to 11 in Viaró.

David and Amy were pleased and excited about the progress and believe that the Annual Conference will be a success.

The representatives of the IBSC also went to Barcelona to continue with their technical visit to facilities that will be used during the event, as well as the hotels where the more than 600 attending educators will be staying.