Mathematics Photography Contest in Secondary

How to reflect a mathematical concept in a photograph? Is it possible to creatively express what you have learned in math class? This is the objective of the MathematicsPhotography Contest, an initiative of the Barcelona Mathematics Learning Association.

In Viaró Global School we decided to take advantage of this project and we suggested the participation of the 2nd grade students of Secondary of Mathematics of Mr. Guarner.

Before getting down to business, the students had a mathematics photography session by Mr. Lozano, in which they explained some technical aspects of photography and tips for finding a creative idea.

Finally, the students made and presented their photographs: a great variety of concepts and ways of expressing them visually. As in the contest you can only participate with one photograph per school, we carried out an internal judgement and these were the results:

Third place

Appetizing Rubik

Photo by Álex Valls

Second place

Grouping geometric figures

Photo by Álvaro Gonzalo

First place

Sphere: the Moon on Earth

Photo by Joan Plans

Congratulations to everyone for the great job done!

Here you can see all the photographs that were presented: