Train at home!

Homebound by COVID19? Our Physical Education department helps you do sports at home.

We offer you some training sessions to perform exclusively at home, in order to maintain physical tone. There are 3 sessions that, depending on the personal level, can be done daily. If we have muscle fatigue, then we can sandwich days of rest between work routines.

Once session 3 is over, we can start again with number 1. Each person has a different physical level, so the intensity and the number of repetitions will be different for each one. The series and repetitions are calculated for a mid-level person, especially adolescents.

Some considerations:

  • Series: number of times each exercise is done.
  • Reps / seconds: Number of times I repeat the movement of the graph. Or seconds that I have to be doing this exercise.
  • Recovery: Time I am standing until I do the next series of the same exercise.

Important: do not do the routines in circuit mode. Recovery times are designed for the muscle to partially rest.


  • Encourage a family member to do the routine with you.
  • Dress as if you were going to do sports on the street, use a towel and have a bottle of water ready.

You can download all sessions here